100KVA Yangdong Diesel Generator Set

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1. High Power Output: The 100kw diesel generator set has a high power output capacity, which makes it ideal for applications where a large amount of electricity is required. With this capacity, the generator set can be used to power large industrial equipment, commercial buildings, hospitals, and other high-power applications.

2. Easy Maintenance: Diesel engines are known for their ruggedness and reliability, and this extends to the 100kw diesel generator set as well. This means that the generator set requires less maintenance than other types of generators, which saves time and money in the long run. Additionally, diesel engines have a longer lifespan than other engines, which means that the generator set will last longer and provide better value for money.

3. Fuel Efficiency: Diesel engines are notorious for their fuel efficiency, and the 100kw diesel generator set is no exception. These generators use less fuel than other types of generators, which means that they are more cost-effective to operate over time. This is especially important for applications where the generator set is used frequently, as fuel costs can add up quickly. Additionally, diesel fuel is readily available in most parts of the world, which means that the generator set can be easily fueled up whenever needed.

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Brand Beidou Genset Model BD-Y100
Engine Yangdong Power (KVA) 100
Alternator Beidou Current(A) 144A
Rated Consumption (L/h) 12.8 Phase 3 Phase
Rated AC Voltage (V) 230/400 Rated Speed(r/min) 1500/1800
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50/60 Starting Method DC start
Starting battery voltage(V) 24    

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1. Q: Whats your MOQ?

A1 set.

2. QIs OEM available?


3. Q: Whats your lead time?

A: 7 days after receiving the deposit.

4. Q: Whats your payment terms?

A: 30% deposit, 70% balance pay before shipping,T/T.

5. Q: How long is the warranty period?

A1 year or 1000 running hours, whichever occurs first.

6. Q: Whats the difference between prime and standby power?

A: Prime power means 12 hours of continuous power, standby power means 1 hour peak power.

7. Q: How to choose the power?

A: Collect all the power of the device, taking into account the surge current.

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