120 KW 150 KVA Yuchai Genset

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BD-Y120 electric diesel genset, the genset is composed of a diesel engine produced by Yuchai original factory + all-copper brushless alternator.

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About The Genset

BD-Y120 electric diesel genset, the genset is composed of a diesel engine produced by Yuchai original factory + all-copper brushless alternator + controller with four protections. The four protections means that the controller will automatically issue an alarm when the following conditions occur: 1 .The temperature of the water tank is too high. 2. When the oil pressure is too low. 3. The genset is overloaded. 4. The genset is overcurrent. And BD Y series products are widely praised in the market due to the advantages of fuel saving. Regarding the genset, there are also configurations such as ATS (dual power switching cabinet), split fuel tank, water jacket heater, and parallel cabinet.


Brand Beidou Power
Model BD-Y120
Place of origin Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China
Genset power 150KVA/120KW
Output current(A) 216A
Rated AC Voltage(V) 230/400V;240/440V
Frequency 50HZ;60HZ
Power factor 0.8 (lag)
Line system Three-phase
Noise level(dB) ≤102
Fuel consumption at 100% load ≤19.2L/h
Dimensions (mm) 2500*900*1400mm
Weight (kg) 1520kg

Engine Basics

Engine (Powerful & Stable)

1. Strong power, big torque output, quicker response;

2. Highly fuel efficient.

3. Highly reliable and durable.

4. Lower fuel & oil consumption, lower noise and emission.

5. Longer service life.

6. Parts and components are highly interchangeable and ease of maintenance; spare parts are of ample supply.

7. Emission can be upgraded to T3 and beyond.

Engine Parameters

Diesel engine model YC6B205L-D20
Engine Power 138KW
Type Four stroke and mid-cooling
Four stroke and mid-cooling water cooling
Number of cylinders 6/in L
Bore (mm) × Stroke (mm) 108*125
Exhaust Capacity(L) 6.871
Compression ratio 17.5:1

About Alternator


Advantages of All-copper Brushless Motor

1.Brushless motors can be more powerful overall. Because the copper windings are on the outside of the motor configuration, there is room to make them larger. Brushless motors also don't have the friction and voltage drop that brushes create by dragging against the spinning commutator. This physical contact results in a continuous energy loss during the operating process.

2.The all-copper generator is more durable: aluminum has a larger resistance than copper, and the heat generated during use is relatively high, so it is easy to burn the motor. Moreover, the welding of aluminum and copper cannot be naturally integrated, and the connection point of the power line is easily burnt out, resulting in the life of the whole machine of the aluminum wire motor water pump is much lower than that of the pure copper wire motor water pump.

Alternator Parameter

Brand Stamford;Marathon;Leroy;Beidou Power and so on
Power 150KVA/120KW
Rated AC Voltage(V) 230/400V;240/440v
Excitation way Brushless, self-excitation, AVR
Rated frequency 50HZ;60HZ
Insulation level H
Degree of protection IP22;IP23

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