200KW Diesel Generator

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200KW 250KVA diesel generator factory-Beidou. Please expect best quality from us. Cummins, Volovo, Perkins, Yuchai, Weichai , Chinese Ricardo, Yangdong and other engines avaliable.

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Diesel Generator Fuel Saving Tips

1. Purify diesel. Diesel contains a variety of minerals and impurities. If it is not filtered and purified, the power of the diesel generator set will decrease and the fuel consumption will increase.

2. Remove carbon deposits. During the operation of the diesel generating set, there are polymers attached to the valve, fuel injection nozzle and the top of the piston. These carbon deposits will increase fuel consumption and should be removed in time.

3. Do not overload the work. The diesel generator set will emit black smoke when it is overloaded. This is the performance of the fuel is not fully burned, which will increase fuel consumption and shorten the service life of parts.

4. Maintain proper coolant temperature.

5. Regular inspection and timely repair. Firmly establish the concept of "nourishment is more important than cure and prevention is more important than repair".

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