300KVA 240KW Weichai Generator

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Beidou power diesel generator set has the characteristics of reliable operation, beautiful appearance, compact structure, good economic performance.

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The Weichai diesel generator produced by Beidou power are stable with reliable performance, low fuel consumption, low emission and low noise. The Weichai diesel generator adopts rotary diesel, oil filter and dry air filter, which are durable, compact and easy to operate.The Weichai series products produced by Beidou Power Equipment Co., Ltd. have eddy current and direct injection diesel engines with power ranging from 30kW to 800kW. They can be widely used in power generation equipment, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, fixed operation, trucks and other fields. Equipped with speed control device, with high power supply reliability and automation function, it can effectively ensure the continuous, normal, stable and safe use of electricity.

Weichai has the largest internal combustion engine production base in China and occupies an important position in the world internal combustion engine market. It is also one of the best land generator power producers in China. Beidou Power Plant uses authentic Weichai stock diesel engines (rather than Weifang diesel engines). The BD-W series diesel generator sets designed and developed have also become an excellent choice for users in different industries as backup power sources and common power sources.


Thicker Anti-bending Chasis

Beidou uses thicker channel steel to make the base of the diesel generator, and with multiple layers of paint, it supports and fixes the diesel generator and absorbs and reduces the vibration of the unit during operation. The base has been carefully designed by Beidou engineers and technicians, with reasonable assembly and excellent performance. The base can also be added with a large-capacity base oil tank according to user requirements, which can be used for continuous operation of the generator set for 8-10 hours.

Silent Canopy 

With the development of the times, more and more users pay attention to noise pollution, and Beidou has also been committed to reducing noise pollution for a long time. Beidou currently owns the patented technology for the production of special silent cabinets for diesel generators, which can greatly reduce the noise generated during the operation of the generators without affecting the operating performance of the generators. The box material is mainly made of thickened steel plate and thickened mute cotton, which has high strength and beautiful appearance. It can be used directly outdoors. No complicated installation is required, the whole is shipped, and the cable can be used after receiving the goods.



Provide customers with electricity solutions. According to the actual situation of the customer, including the electricity demand and duration, the equipment that needs electricity, the startup method of the electricity equipment, and the environment of the user's use site and the user's budget, provide users with a scientific diesel generator set power supply program.

Adapt to the design and customization of generator sets of different customers. Under special circumstances, the standard type of generator set cannot meet the needs of customers. Beidou can individually design and customize suitable diesel generator sets for customers according to their special requirements.

Free technical consultation and solutions are provided when inquiring, and after-sales service is provided for life after the order is placed. Eliminate the worries of customers.

Before shipment, each diesel generator set will be inspected and run test, and we strive to receive our finished products.

For customers outside of China, the products are fully packaged, including waterproof film and wooden boxes. Basically avoid the risks in transit.

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