50KW 60KVA Yuchai Genset

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For BD-Y50 diesel power generator,the rated power of the genset is 50KW, and the maximum power can reach 55KW. 

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About The Genset

BD-Y50 diesel generator set belongs to the Y series products produced by Beidou Power Equipment Co., Ltd. The rated power of the genset is 50KW, and the maximum power can reach 55KW. Beidou Power Y series products adopt the leading supercharged intercooler, four-valve and electronic control technology, the combustion organization is accurate and rapid, the emission is good, the instantaneous response performance is good, and the loading capacity is strong.The genset adopts the diesel engine produced by the original factory of Guangxi Yuchai, and the alternator part uses the all-copper brushless motor, for the brand of alternator is the ‘BEIDOU POWER’ independently developed by Beidou Power, and also international brands such as Stanford, Marathon ,Leroy are available. The controller part uses a computer Modular controller with one-button start function.

Brand Beidou Power
Model BD-Y50
Place of origin Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China
Genset power 50KW/60KVA
Output current(A) 90A
Rated AC Voltage(V) 230/400V;240/440V
Frequency 50HZ;60HZ
Power factor 0.8 (lag)
Line system Three-phase
Noise level(dB) ≤102
Fuel consumption at 100% load ≤8L/h
Dimensions (mm) 1900*780*1250mm
Weight (kg) 810kg


Engine Basics

Engine (Powerful & Stable)

1.Compact Engine, light weight, strong power, long time service

2.World named brand in the line of Engine, invested by USA.

3.Heavy duty & durable 4-stroke water cooled industrial engine, stable running, longer service time.

4.Fuel injection pump, low consumption.

Engine Parameters

Diesel engine model YC4D90Z-D21
Engine Power 60KW
Type Four stroke and mid-cooling
Four stroke and mid-cooling water cooling
Number of cylinders 4/in L
Bore (mm) × Stroke (mm) 108*115
Exhaust Capacity(L) 4.214
Compression ratio 17.5:1


About Alternator


Advantages of All-copper Brushless Motor

1.Low noise and smooth operation: the brushless motor has no brushes, the friction force is greatly reduced during operation, the operation is smooth, and the noise will be much lower.

2.Pure copper wire motor is more energy efficient. The resistance of circuit elements is proportional to the amount of heat generated, and the larger the resistance, the greater the heat. Tiequan pure copper wire motor pump, pure copper wire has lower resistance than aluminum wire, low heat generation, smooth current, no heat waste, energy saving and energy saving.

Alternator Parameter

Brand Stamford;Marathon;Leroy;Beidou Power and so on
Power 60KVA/50KW
Rated AC Voltage(V) 230/400V;240/440v
Excitation way Brushless, self-excitation, AVR
Rated frequency 50HZ;60HZ
Insulation level H
Degree of protection IP22;IP23

About Controller 


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