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Mobile Yuchai diesel generator are widely recognized by users at home and abroad for their good economy, power, reliability, durability and environmen

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The trailer power station has good mobility, strong adaptability, fast power supply, and is suitable for occasions where power is inconvenient and cannot be supplied, such as power maintenance, engineering repairs, field operations, and emergencies. Therefore, it is widely used in the communication industry, power industry, film and television production, municipal engineering construction, and emergency rescue.

Adopt movable hook: 180° turntable, flexible steering and convenient operation.

Braking: At the same time, it has a reliable air brake interface and a manual brake system to ensure safety during driving

Equipped with spring damping and rubber damping to reduce bumps caused by road conditions.

Yuchai generator mobile type structure

(1).Yuchai diesel generator adopts concave convex body made of alloy material, two side curved surface stiffeners to enhance the rigidity and vibration absorption performance of the body. The mounting bracket added in the middle of the body makes the installation of the whole machine more reliable.

(2).The engine body is equipped with a built-in auxiliary oil passage and a special nozzle to continuously spray and cool the piston, effectively reducing the thermal load of the diesel engine.

(3) . The patented crankshaft assembly is equipped with a new type of silicone oil torsional vibration damper, which makes the diesel engine work more smoothly.

(4). The diesel engine is equipped with monitor and emergency stop device. It can realize automatic alarm and emergency stop of water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure and overspeed.


Yuchai Power Generator Advantage

Yuchai is China's largest engine manufacturer, and its diesel engines for power generation have been unanimously recognized by the international market. Strong power, low fuel consumption, compact structure and low vibration. Especially in terms of fuel consumption, the performance is excellent, and diesel consumption is lower than Cummins and Perkins. Economic and environmental protection.

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