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Beidou power Shangchai brand genset has high economy and high reliability

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The Shanghai Engine Generator Diesel is equipped with low reactance design, thus minimizes waveform distortion under non-linear loads and has good starting performance. Compared with ordianry product on the market, our Shanghai Engine Generator Diesel has the advantage of low vibration and low noise, stable operation and high efficiency, small heat radiation, and excellent performance. On the other hand, it has a unique overspeed protection device, with high reliability, high-pressure injection, full combustion. and so on. 

Movable Type Diesel Generator Powered by SEDC Shanghchai engine

Beidou Shangchai power diesel generator and high-speed emergency mobile power station is a new generation of high-performance high-speed mobile power vehicle designed for the army and emergency mobile power station users. It adopts high-strength heavy-duty design, high-strength heavy-duty mechanical design of the overall frame, and a main body full-hung structure, divided into two wheels and four wheel. Adjustable snake-shaped tow bar, suitable for all kinds of vehicles to be dragged conveniently and flexibly. Turntable steering, reliable safety disc brake system, all with guide wheels and four-point support, the box adopts the car's sleek and streamlined design, which is beautiful and beautiful. The product design is safe and reasonable, in line with GB/T2819-1995 national standards, suitable for rapid emergency power supply, field engineering construction, rescue, disaster relief, highways, railways, water conservancy, exploration and production, oil depots, military, communications and other users. 

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The Shanghai Engine Generator Diesel is recognized for its small size, light weight, low noise, which is really economical and reliable. The shell can be sprayed with the corresponding color and pattern according to customers' requirements, thus to ensure a beautiful appearance. The use of special noise reduction and noise reduction materials can restrain the mechanical noise to a great extent. Equipped with fuel supply and return check valve, it is safe and reliable for long term use.

180 degree traction and steering system. Flexible steering, smooth travel and fast speed. The tow bar has high strength, which closely connects the generator trailer and the front tractor, which is safe and stable. The steering device has a large adjustment angle, is flexible and smooth, and is easy to move forward.

Using advanced high-performance torsion damping, the trailer is more stable when moving at high speed or in the field. The trailer suspension damping system and generator damping pads effectively reduce the bumps and vibrations of the mobile generator during power generation and when the trailer is traveling.

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