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BD-S diesel generators are powered by Shanghai diesel engines,  50KW-800KW 60KVA-1000KVA avaliable.

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BD-S50 50Hz OR 60Hz  50 60 SHANGCHAI SC4H95D2 68KW     50KW 60KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S75 75 90 SC4H115D2 86KW     75KW 90KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S100 100 125 SC4H180D2 132KW     100KW 125KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S150 150 188 SC7H250D2 185KW     150KW 188KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S160 160 200 SC8D280D2 204KW     160KW 200KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S180 180 225 SC9D310D2 228KW     180KW 225KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S200 200 250 SC9D340D2 255KW     200KW 250KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S220 220 275 SC10E380D2 180KW     220KW 275KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S250 250 313 SC13G420D2 308KW     250KW 313KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S280 280 350 SC12E460D2 338KW     250KW 313KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S300 300 375 SC15G500D2 373KW     300KW 375KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S360 360 450 SC25G610D2 445KW     360KW 450KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S400 400 500 SC25G690D2 505KW     400KW 500KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S480 480 600 SC27G755D2 560KW     480KW 600KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S500 500 625 SC27G830D2 610KW     500KW 625KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S560 560 700 SC27G900D2 662KW     560KW 700KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S600 600 750 SC33W990D2 726KW     600KW 750KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S640 640 800 6KTAA25-G32 754KW     640KW 800KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S720 720 900 6KTAA25-G31 800KW     720KW 900KVA Shangchai Genset
BD-S800 800 1000 6WTAA35-G31 970KW     800KW 1000KVA Shangchai Genset

Beidou Power is an OEM authorized manufacturer for the main engine of Shangchai generator sets. The Beidou brand Shangchai generators are diesel engines produced by Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., which is developed and widely used in my country. Its technology is mature, its spare parts are easy to buy, and its power range is wide, 50KW-800KW 60KVA-1000KVA. The appearance is compact and reasonable, and a new type of constricted combustion chamber is adopted to increase the fuel injection pressure, improve the combustion process, save energy and protect the environment, and effectively reduce fuel consumption. High cost performance and high stability, it is a good choice for factory production and construction site power security. 

BD-S Beidou Shangchai Series diesel generator sets have excellent power, economy, stability, reliability, operability, low operation and maintenance costs and sufficient supply of spare parts.
Shangchai Genreatow Main Features:
1. Adopt a new type of constricted combustion chamber to increase the fuel injection pressure, improve the combustion process, and achieve environmental protection indicators: the exhaust pollutant emission value meets the requirements of JB8891-1999, and the noise meets the requirements of GB14097-1999 and exceeds the standard;
2. Integral crankshaft, gantry type body, flat-notch connecting rod, short piston, compact and reasonable appearance, strong matching adaptability, and can be interchanged with the old 135 diesel engine;
3. The optimized design of lubrication and cooling system reduces the number of external pipelines and parts, and uses the overall brushless alternator to greatly improve the three leakage and greatly enhance the reliability.
4. It adopts J98 and J114b exhaust gas turbocharger matching, which has strong plateau working ability. When used in plateau areas with an altitude of 5000m, the power drop is less than 3%.
5. Adopt measures such as high vacuum new exhaust ejection device, three-stage swirling German paper filter element air filter, low temperature infiltration ceramic piston ring and other measures. Diesel engines are used in deserts or high dust areas without early wear and tear. 

BD-S Beidou Shanghai Engine Power Diesel Generator use Beidou brand electrical alternator, which is designed, researched, developed and produced by us own. All Beidou alternators are 100% cooper and brushless based on our strict reuqirements of all generator parts and quality. The generator independently developed by Beidou has been tested in the market for ten years and has been affirmed by the majority of users. The materials used are solid, all raw materials have been strictly inspected and purchased with high standards, the production technology is mature, and the production equipment is advanced. Equipped with AVR automatic voltage regulation board, automatic excitation, stable output voltage, strong current overload capacity, and effective protection of load equipment. Long-term use, low failure rate, long service life, simple maintenance, and no need to replace carbon brushes.

According to the different needs of customers, Beidou Shangchai series diesel generator sets can also be matched with generators of well-known brands such as Stanford, Leroy Somer and Marathon ect...

The Shangchai series generator sets produced by Beidou Power are widely used in construction sites, factory backup power, mines, gravel and other fields with their excellent quality, reasonable price, environmentally friendly fuel consumption, high altitude adaptability and long service life.

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