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150KW 188KVA diesel generator in factory price but suprising quality and service. Chinese diesel generator factory with advanced produce system. Sellers are online to quote now.

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150KW 188KVA diesel generator in factory price but suprising quality and service. Chinese diesel generator factory with advanced produce system. Sellers are online to quote now. 

Wide range of products and strong adaptability. It can provide medium- and heavy-duty trucks, light trucks, buses, construction machinery and other demand areas with higher technological content and more specialized power products. Deutz engines are widely used, including commercial vehicles, construction machinery, forklift trucks and agricultural machinery compressors. Deutz generator set, big brand, good quality, global warranty, trustworthy.


Deutz Generator Set Product Overview

1. Deutz engine, advanced technology, reasonable design, reliable and excellent performance, long working life.

2. The emission of Deutz diesel generator sets reaches Euro II or Euro III standard.

3. Equipped with a new type of supercharger, with air intake and return function, which can adapt to high altitude and high altitude regions

4. Deutz provides quality assurance for the full range of products.

5. Deutz Company builds a professional service network all over the country to provide customers with 24-hour after-sales service and spare parts supply.

Advantages of Deutz Generator Sets--Beidou Product

1. The product has compact structure, reasonable design, reliable performance, excellent performance, long working life and economical use.

2. Wide power range, power range 18 KW-660 KW, suitable for construction machinery, construction site, etc., wide range of use, to solve various heavy industrial power problems.

3. The generator set products have significant advantages in advanced, efficient, reliable, energy-saving and environmental protection.

4. With air intake and return function, it can adapt well to plateau and high altitude regions.

5. Deutz generator sets are officially authorized products of Deutz company. They have better performance, better quality and better service among similar products, so they are very popular among users.


Beidou Duetz engine powered generator supply power from 18-250KW 20KVA - 450KVA electricity, frequency 50Hz or 60Hz, speed 1500 rpm or 1800 rpm. Single phase or three phase to be chosen to meet different places of use.

Generator Model Continuous Power Standby Power Engine Model
BD-D18 18KW / 22.5KVA 20KW / 25 KVA BFM3G1
BD-D24 24KW / 30KVA 26.5KW / 33KVA BFM3G2
BD-D35 35KW / 44KVA 38.5KW / 48KVA BFM3T
BD-D40 40KW / 50KVA 44KW / 55KVA BFM3C
BD-D50 50KW / 62.5KVA 55KW /68.8KVA BF4M2012
BD-D60 60KW / 75KVA 66KW / 82.5KVA BF4M2012CG1
BD-D75 75KW / 94KVA 82.5KW / 103KVA BF4M2012CG2
BD-D80 80KW / 100KVA 88KW / 110KVA BF4M1013ECG1
BD-D95 95KW / 120KVA 105KW / 132KVA BF4M1013ECG2
BD-D110 110KW / 137.5KVA 121KW / 151KVA BF4M1013FC
BD-D125 125KW / 156KVA 137.5KW / 172KVA BF6M1013ECG1
BD-D140 140KW / 175KVA 157KW / 193KVA BF6M1013ECG2
BD-D150 150KW / 187.5KVA 165KW / 206KVA BF6M1013FCG2
BD-D165 165KW / 206KVA 182KW / 227KVA BF6M1013FCG3
BD-D210 210KW / 263KVA 231KW / 289KVA TCD8.0



Diesel Generator Fuel Saving Tips

1. Purify diesel. Diesel contains a variety of minerals and impurities. If it is not filtered and purified, the power of the diesel generator set will decrease and the fuel consumption will increase.

2. Remove carbon deposits. During the operation of the diesel generating set, there are polymers attached to the valve, fuel injection nozzle and the top of the piston. These carbon deposits will increase fuel consumption and should be removed in time.

3. Do not overload the work. The diesel generator set will emit black smoke when it is overloaded. This is the performance of the fuel is not fully burned, which will increase fuel consumption and shorten the service life of parts.

4. Maintain proper coolant temperature.

5. Regular inspection and timely repair. Firmly establish the concept of "nourishment is more important than cure and prevention is more important than repair".


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