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Discover Beidou, the top diesel generator manufacturer and exporter with a decade of experience. With our reliable diesel generators and excellent technical support, we've served countless successful projects. Let us power your future with Beidou!
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Latest projects

  • 500KW Rainproof Diesel Generator

    500KW Rainproof Diesel Generator

    Rainproof Type 500KW Cummins Power Diesel Generator In A Science and Technology Park. Can Be Used Outdoor Without Worry About Rian And Weather.
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  • 400KW Yuchai Generator

    400KW Yuchai Generator

    400KW Diesel Generator Power By Yuchai, Marathon Alternator. Heavy Duty Diesel Generator Used In A Stone Pit.
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  • 800KW Outdoor Silent Diesel Generator

    800KW Outdoor Silent Diesel Generator

    800KW Cummins engine generator with silent canopy. Not only safe settled outside without affcet by rain and weather but also reduce the noise when generator running. Thi egnerator help cuatomer save cost of building generator house.
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Latest News

  • Two ways of diesel engine maintenance and...

    21 Jul,23
    In order to maintain the normal operation of the diesel engine and extend its service life, in addition to correct operation, it is necessary to regularly carry out systematic, careful inspection, ...
  • The treatment method of diesel generator ...

    18 Jul,23
    Diesel generators will inevitably encounter bad weather when used outdoors, and improper handling is easy to get damp, especially the motor of the diesel generator set is damp, which has a great im...

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We Are Beidou

We have been providing generator and service worldwide.

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