How to clean dry air filter

When the maintenance indicator on the filter shows a red signal or the resistance of the filter affects the performance of the diesel engine, the filter must be cleaned or the filter element must be replaced.


1) Remove the main filter element of the filter.

2) Turn the open end face down and carefully beat the filter element. The filter element can also be lying on a clean cement floor to roll, so that the dust shakes off, do not beat hard.

3) With compressed air less than 500p, blow the surface of the filter element diagonally from the inside and outside

4) Clean the gasket. Replace if damaged.

5) Check the ash vent in the ash vent valve

6) Reinstall it. If the filter is mounted horizontally, install the cap with the ash drain valve pointing straight down

Note: One main filter element of the filter is allowed to be cleaned up to 5 times or must be replaced after one year of use, if damaged, replace immediately. The special marking bar on the safety filter indicates the number of cleaning or replacement times of the main filter. The safety filter element must be replaced under the following circumstances:

① The main filter element is maintained for 5 times.

② Up to 2 years after use.

③ After the main filter element is maintained, the maintenance indicator will be displayed immediately.

④ After working with the faulty main filter element.

⑤ The safety filter element is not allowed to be cleaned.

Post time: Jun-06-2024