Silent Type Deutz Generator

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The use of mature and efficient technology to control the amount of fuel injection, effectively improve the combustion effect.

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Relying on German technology, Deutz diesel engines combine compact structure, high power, high economy, strong environmental adaptability and high reliability, there are now more than 400,000 Deutz diesel generators running reliably around the world, won the trust of the majority of users,Deutz engine generators are characterized by low fuel consumption, small size, light weight, high Reliability and durability, low vibration and low noise, easy to use and maintain, are successful examples of Sino-German cooperation. 

Beidou Deutz Engine Silent Generator

Beidou through carefully designed diesel generator set with low noise, compact appearance, the canopy adopts a detachable structure, and spliced with steel plate, surface coating with high performance anticorrosion, antirust paint,good ventilation system and prevent heat radiation measures, ensure that the unit is always working in the appropriate temperature environment. The internal structure of the science and the use of special noise reducing material to a large extent to suppress mechanical noise, the noise down 68dB (A) -75db (A) (from the sound source 7m). Super large capacity fuel tank for 8 hours. Efficient damping measures to ensure the smooth operation of the unit, while the box is equipped with an observation window and emergency stop button, easy to observe the operation of the unit and the unit in the event of an emergency when the rapid shutdown.


Duetz Generator Parameters

kw kva
BD-D100 100 125 2300*900*1700 1150 BF4M1013CG2
BD-D120 120 150 2300*900*1700 1200 BF4M1013FC
BD-D130 130 162.5 2400*1200*1780 1400 BF6M1013ECG1
BD-D150 150 187.5 2400*1200*1780 1400 BF6M1013ECG2
BD-D160 160 200 2500*1250*1800 1450 BF6M1013FCG2
BD-D180 180 225 2500*1250*1800 1450 BF6M1013FCG3
BD-D200 200 250 2700*1450*1950 2850 BF6M1015-LA GA
BD-D220 220 275 2700*1450*1950 2850 BF6M1015C-LA G1A
BD-D250 250 312.5 2800*1450*1950 3100 BF6M1015C-LA G2A

Other types of Deutz engine generators of our company

1.Open: Device for generating electricity by a Deutz diesel engine produced by a Deutz company.

2.Rainproof: Suitable for the construction of open fixed sites, can improve the anti pain,snow unit,Wind sand capacity. The installation is convenient, fast, simple operation, good use effect.

3.Mobile silent / rainproof: Mobile silent / rain-proof power station, through scientific design, using advanced technology in the field of acoustics,airflow, noise and emissions meet the requirements of environmental protection, emergency and standby power supply,suitable for city limits such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, municipal engineering etc..

普通和越野可选 移动防雨静音可选

Deutz Engine Generator Precautions For Use

① After 50 hours of operation of the Deutz Engine Generator set, drain the water in the oil-water separator and check the electrolyte level of the start-up battery;

② After 200 to 300 hours of operation of the new Deutz Engine Generator set, check the valve clearance and check the fuel injector;

③ After every 400 hours of operation of the Deutz Engine Generator set, it is necessary to check and adjust the transmission belt, replace it if necessary, check and clean the radiator chip and discharge the sludge in the fuel tank;

④ Every 600 hours of operation or at least every 12 months, the oil and lubricant filters need to be replaced; the frequency of the oil change cycle of the unit depends on the quality of the different oil and the sulfur content of the fuel and the different oil consumption of the generator But different;

⑤ Every 800 hours of operation, change the oil-water separator and fuel filter, check the turbocharger for leaks, check the intake pipe for leaks, and check and clean the fuel pipe;

⑥ After every 1200 hours of operation, adjust the valve clearance; after every 2000 hours of operation, replace the air filter and coolant, and thoroughly clean the radiator chip and water channel of the water tank;

⑦ After every 2,400 hours of operation, check the fuel injectors, thoroughly inspect and clean the turbocharger, and comprehensively inspect the engine equipment.

Deutz supply standard configuration provided by Beidou

· Diesel engine (with all accessories, three filters, electrical system)

· Brushless alternator

· Steel structure base

· Fan water tank cooling system

· Air filter, diesel filter, oil filter

· Self-starting control screen (various protection functions)

· 24V start battery and battery line

· Unit shock absorber

· Efficient muffler for industry

· Random technical documents (generator manual, factory test report, original factory quality file, etc.)


Optional configuration

· ATS automatic conversion cabinet

· Automatic cabinet

· 8 hours daily fuel tank

· Container type generator set

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