TCU168 Evotec Alternator

Short Description:


1. Leading technology: Evotec team has rich experience in motor design and manufacturing, and invests heavily in R&D to continuously introduce and develop new technologies, maintaining a leading position in technology.

2. Excellent quality: Evotec strictly produces according to international standards and implements rigorous quality control in every production process, ensuring excellent product quality and reliability.

3. Flexible customization: Evotec is able to provide customized solutions and services according to customers’ unique requirements, meeting the needs of different customers and winning their trust and praise.

Product Detail

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Product model: A/B/C/D/E/F
50Hz continuous (KVA): 8.5~22.5
60Hz continuous (KVA): 10~27
Coil pitch: 2/3
Insulation class of materials: H
Excitation system: Self-motivation
Alternator: Evotec

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