50KVA 40KW Silent Diesel Generator Set

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50KVA 40KW diesel generator, power by Weichai engine WP2.3D48E200. Beidou generator factory price with reliable quality.


Generator Model BD-W50
Generator Type Silent
Output Power 50KVA/40KW
Engine Brand Weichai
Engine Model WP2.3D48E200
Alternator Model BDI72A
Alternator Type 100% Copper&Brushless
Controller Model Smartgen 6110
Dimension 2400*1000*1600MM
Weight 1100KG
Production Time 3 Working Days

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Beidou Power Diesel Generator Set

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Model: WP2.3D48E200 Brand: Weichai Type: Four stroke and mid-cooling
Number of cylinders: 4/in line Bore (mm)*Stroke: 89*92 mm Exhaust Capacity (L): 2.3
Compression ratio: 17.5:1 Speed control mode: Electronic control    


Model: BDI72A Brand: Beidou Power Rated AC Voltage (V) 230/400
Excitation way: Brushless, self-excitation,AVR Rated frequency: 50Hz Rated speed (r/min): 1500
Power factor: 0.8(lag) Insulation level: H Degree of protection: IP22
Winding pitch 2/3-(N°6) Short-circuit current capacity:300% 10s Telephone interference: THF<2%, TIF<50


Controller Diesel Generator Set
Weichai diesel generator set

Advantages of Silent Diesel Generator Sets in Different Series:

1.Low noise: The silent container type diesel generator set uses sound insulation materials and noise reduction technology, with a noise level below 68 decibels, ensuring a quiet operating environment for the generator set.

2. Safe and reliable: The silent container can effectively prevent accidents such as combustion and explosion, ensuring the safety and reliability of the use process.

3. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly: The silent container can effectively prevent the generator set from interfering with nearby residents, while also reducing energy consumption and playing a certain role in environmental protection.

4. Strong adaptability: The silent container type diesel generator set has comprehensive considerations in design, can adapt to various different environments and usage needs, and has strong adaptability.

5. Convenient and practical: The silent container type diesel generator set can be used outdoors or indoors, with convenient and easy operation, and relatively low maintenance costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.Q: What’s your MOQ?

A:1 set.

2.Q:Is OEM available?


3.Q: What’s your lead time?

A: 7 days after receiving the deposit.

4.Q: What’s your payment terms?

A: 30% deposit, 70% balance pay before shipping,T/T.

5.Q: How long is the warranty period?

A:1 year or 1000 running hours, whichever occurs first.

6.Q: What’s the difference between prime and standby power?

A: Prime power means 12 hours of continuous power, standby power means 1 hour peak power.

7.Q: How to choose the power?

A: Collect all the power of the device, taking into account the surge current.

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