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Beidou Power’s silent diesel generator set has low noise and rainproof function.

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Perkins has been working with generator set manufacturers to provide normal power for many users who need high-quality generator sets, which is especially suitable for users who need the engine to operate in harsh environments or harsh conditions , Or use in an emergency. However, no matter where it runs every day or once a year, no matter where the application is, you can rely on Perkins generator mobile. Beidou's Perkins generator mobile can easily reach any location, bringing the best user experience.

The Perkins mobile diesel generator set produced by Beidou is a combination of Perkins engine and Stanford alternator and Smartgen Controller. The mobile generator set has two options: mobile silent and mobile rain proof. Beidou will design a suitable engineering solution according to the specific needs of users, and customize special generator sets for customers. Beidou designed Perkins mobile silent generator can effectively reduce noise. The surface of the mute box is painted with 3 layers of paint to prevent rust and better quality. Beidou designed Perkins mobile rain-proof generator can effectively adapt to severe weather,used in various environments.

Product Advantages

• Steel weatherproof & low noise canopy

• Base fuel tank for daily running

• Build in control panel

• Build in start battery

• Build in fire detection and protection system

• Electric air inlet and outlet louver

• Special exhaust silencer

• Driving wheel (2 or 4)

• Traffic indicating light

• Drag & Brake device

• Sound or weatherproof mobile generator

Product Parameter

This is the dimensions and weight of the Perkins generator mobile , if you are interested, you can make a simple reference. Welcome to contact us for latest price.

BD-P36 36 45 2400*1700*2400 1917 2400*1700*2400 1617
BD-P48 48 60 2400*1700*2400 1967 2400*1700*2400 1667
BD-P68 68 85 3000*1900*2600 2707 3000*1900*2600 2272
BD-P80 80 100 3000*1900*2600 2900 3000*1900*2600 2465
BD-P110 110 137.5 3000*1900*2600 3080 3000*1900*2600 2590
BD-P120 120 150 3000*1900*2600 3102 3000*1900*2600 2612
BD-P144 144 180 3300*2100*2700 3330 3300*2100*2700 2840
BD-P160 160 200 3300*2100*2700 3350 3300*2100*2700 2860
BD-P180 180 225 3300*2100*2700 3495 3300*2100*2700 2955
BD-P200 200 250 3300*2100*2700 3595 3300*2100*2700 3055
BD-P240 240 300 3700*2100*3100 4300 3700*2100*3100 3650
BD-P280 280 350 3700*2100*3100 5675 3700*2100*3100 4965
BD-P320 320 400 3700*2100*3100 5825 3700*2100*3100 5115
BD-P360 360 450 4200*2100*3150 6350 4200*2100*3150 5535
BD-P400 400 500 4200*2100*3150 6670 4200*2100*3150 5855
BD-P480 480 600 4900*2250*3400 7775 4900*2250*3400 6850
BD-P520 520 650 4900*2250*3400 7875 4900*2250*3400 6950

About Perkins

 Perkins diesel generator sets use original Perkins engines with a complete product range and wide power coverage. They have excellent stability, reliability, durability and service life. They can provide you with low operating costs and fast " "Return" cycle, and is widely used in communications, industry, outdoor engineering, mining, insurance, military and other fields. Perkins' worldwide service network provides customers with reliable service guarantee.


Perkins diesel generator set produced by Beidou selects Perkins diesel engine from UK for complete set. Perkins diesel generator sets produced by Beidou have the characteristics of small size, light weight, strong power, energy saving and environmental protection, high reliability and easy maintenance, etc., which can meet the needs of different customers.

Beidou Generator

As a generator set assembler, Beidou has a good reputation and quality, and is among the best in the industry. Flexible manufacturing processes allow us to competitively provide products that meet the specific needs of our customers. All our generators are strictly tested before being shipped. Please be assured of our quality. We choose the engine and generator combination that best meets your required power and application, and we provide generator sets driven by diesel engines.

The generator is fueled by diesel. Diesel engines are more fuel efficient than gasoline engines. Diesel engines have longer run times. Because diesel engines do not have spark plugs or carburetor, diesel engines require less maintenance than gasoline engines. Beidou's generator set is designed by our engineers to provide a clean look, eliminating unnecessary engine vibrations while reducing noise levels. Beidou also offers options for open diesel generators and silent diesel generators. You are welcome to buy. If you have any questions about our products,please feel free to contact us.

At Your Service

Beidou looks forward to serving you, your satisfaction is our biggest motivation, we will meet any of your requirements, we support special customization, we  can use the logo you need. Looking forward to your inquiry.

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