Advantages of Yuchai diesel generator set

Yuchai diesel generator set constant pressure control system, high sea treatment are highly configured according to international standards. Yuchai standard unit control panel is the most basic configuration to meet the normal operation and use of the unit, with the advantages of simple operation, complete functions, reliable protection and so on. The panel is equipped with power on, start, stop (emergency stop) and other operation buttons. When the fault alarm occurs, the control panel will issue the corresponding optical alarm when the control unit stops.


Yuchai diesel generator set advantages: low fuel consumption; The minimum fuel consumption is 198kg/kw·h, and the reasonable matching of air intake and fuel supply system broadens the operating range of the diesel engine to ensure that the common working conditions maintain low fuel consumption.


1. All copper brushless motor: each copper wire is brushed by hand, and the glue between the copper wires can play a good heat insulation role, and the unit runs more stable.


2. Control box system: The well-known Delixi instrument is used, and the integrated box of all the electronic components of the unit is used. The function of this control box effectively extends the service life of the current, voltage and frequency meter, so as not to affect the normal use of the unit. (Optional four protection) 3. Electric regulating pump: Beijing Tianwei, Hunan Hengyang, Wuxi Weifu, Yantai Longkou pump, will eliminate the load size automatically adjust the throttle, voltage and current to maintain a stable 4. Radiator: The shell is made of high-quality steel plate, double-side electrostatic spraying treatment, double-side air supply, with excellent heat dissipation performance, beautiful and compact appearance 5. Channel steel common frame: steel, easy to lift and move, high strength bending frame, effectively buffer the vibration impact of the unit, reduce the vibration of the electronic components inside the control box, extend the service life of the unit.


The diesel engine of this generator set is equipped with 52 degree radiator, cooling method is water cooling, full load and high temperature conditions can still work efficiently, suitable for low latitude tropical areas. The base is made of sheet metal production line, corrected by the balance instrument, and the whole unit is placed on the steel frame base, equipped with a special shock absorber for the unit, the unit runs smoothly and reliably, and the use and maintenance are more convenient.

Post time: Jul-08-2024