How to choose the correct diesel generator set?

No matter as a common power supply or standby power supply, diesel engine has relatively good fuel economy and simple and convenient advantages. Many enterprises are not very aware of the advantages and disadvantages. After purchasing fake and inferior diesel generator sets, they can not only generate electricity, but also bring safety risks. Investigation found that the current domestic well-known diesel generator brand market almost all have counterfeit. How to make you buy a regular generator set, Beidou power for you to analyze as follows.

Diesel engine is the power output part of the whole unit, accounting for 70% of the cost of diesel generator set, is some bad manufacturers like to make false links.

1, set of brand fake machine

At present, the famous diesel engine on the market almost all have imitation manufacturers, some manufacturers use the appearance of the same imitation machine to pretend to be a famous brand, using fake nameplate, play real number, printing fake factory information and other means to set the brand, to achieve the purpose of greatly reducing the cost. To distinguish the set of card machine, not a professional is difficult to do.

2. Refurbish the old machine

Each brand has refurbished old machines, not professionals may be difficult to distinguish.

But there are still some flaws in the refurbished machine. For example, the paint, especially the dead corner paint, is difficult to be consistent with the original factory.

3. Confuse the public with similar factory names

These manufacturers are opportunistic, dare not do a set of brand, refurbishment, on the name of the factory and diesel engine, with similar factory name to confuse the public with the name of diesel engine.

4. Little horses and carts

Confuse the relationship between KVA and kW. They exaggerate the power of KVA as kW and sell it to customers. Actually KVA refers to the generator capacity, kW is the effective power, and the relationship between them is 1KVA=0.8kW.

The function of generator is to convert the power of diesel engine into electric energy, which is directly related to the quality and stability of the output power.

1. Stator coil

The stator coil used to be all copper wire, but with the improvement of wire making technology, copper coated aluminum core wire appeared. Different from copper-coated aluminum wire, copper-coated aluminum core wire is formed by using a special mold when the copper-coated aluminum, the copper layer is thicker than the copper plating. The performance of generator stator coil with copper-clad aluminum core wire is not much different, but the service life is much shorter than that of all-copper stator coil.

2. Excitation mode

Generator excitation mode is divided into phase compound excitation and brushless self excitation. Brushless self-excitation has become the mainstream for its advantages of stable excitation and simple maintenance, but there are still some manufacturers for cost consideration in the generator set below 300KW configuration phase compound type generator.

In addition, a number of factors should be considered when purchasing a generator set: mechanical and electrical performance, the purpose of the unit, local environmental conditions, automation functions, and concepts such as the power and load capacity of the machine.


Post time: Feb-07-2023