Two automatic switching functions of diesel generator set operation steps?

The self-switching cabinet (also known as ATS cabinet) in the diesel generator set is used for automatic switching between the emergency power supply and the main power supply. It can automatically switch the load to the diesel generator set after the main power failure. It is a very important power facility. Now we introduce two self-switching operation methods of diesel generator set.
1. Module manual operation method
After turning over the power key, press the “manual” button of the module to initiate directly. When the diesel generator set successfully works normally, the automatic module will also enter the self-test situation together with this, and it will automatically enter the speed up situation. After the speed up successfully, the unit will enter the automatic closing and grid power connection according to the appearance of the module.
2, automatic operation method
Turn on the power key and press the “automatic” button. The unit will automatically raise the speed. When the Hertz meter, frequency meter and water temperature meter appear normal, it will automatically close the power supply and connect to the grid. The module is set in the “automatic” position, the unit enters the quasi-initiation situation, through the external switch signal, the situation of automatic long-term detection and discrimination. Once there is a fault, loss of power, immediately enter the automatic initiation situation. When a call comes in, it will automatically switch off and slow down to stop. After the recovery of normal, the system 3S confessed, the unit automatically trip out of the network, delay 3 minutes, automatic stop, and enter the next automatic initiation of the preparatory situation.


Post time: Mar-31-2023