What problems should be paid attention to in the noise reduction treatment of diesel generator set room?

In normal operation, the noise of diesel generator sets is mainly exhaust noise. The noise of diesel generators will cause certain pollution to the environment, easily affect people’s work efficiency, and interfere with people’s normal speech. Places with strict requirements on environmental noise must use low-noise generator sets. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce noise in the engine room of diesel generator sets:
1. Machine room ventilation and noise reduction.
In actual work, we must not only effectively reduce noise when considering the scheme, but also meet the air flow required for the operation of the generator set. Two air inlet ducts are built with bricks outside the machine room, and a low-noise axial flow fan is installed under the wall of the air inlet duct to supply air to the machine room. A large air volume combined chip muffler is installed in the air inlet duct to absorb airflow noise and mechanical noise. An air inlet is opened on the outer wall of the air inlet, and a protective wire mesh is installed at the air inlet to prevent foreign objects from entering the air duct.
2. Noise reduction of the exhaust system in the computer room
The exhaust air must be muffled through the muffler duct set outside the machine room to reduce noise to a minimum. The muffler duct has a brick wall structure outside and a sound-absorbing board inside. The air outlet is arranged directly in front of the unit, and the front end of the radiator of the unit is provided with a vibration-damping flexible joint and an air-guiding, volume-expanding and sound-absorbing air duct, which is connected to the heat-discharging air muffler. Special aluminum alloy shutters and protective wire mesh are installed at the exit of the exhaust duct to prevent foreign objects from entering the air duct.
3. Unit exhaust muffler
A muffler box can be added to the exhaust emission system of the generator set, and the exhaust muffler pipes are wrapped with fire-resistant rock wool material, which can not only reduce the heat dissipation of the unit to the machine room, but also reduce the working vibration of the unit, so as to achieve attenuation. the purpose of noise.
4. Sound absorption in the computer room.
The generator room is a brick concrete structure, and the noise reflection is strong. In order to achieve the sound absorption effect, the inner wall and top surface of the computer room are reasonably equipped with high-efficiency sound-absorbing materials, and the sound-absorbing layer structure is aluminum alloy perforated gusset plate + centrifugal sound-absorbing cotton + light steel keel + support and hanger. The original average sound absorption coefficient in the computer room is α1≈0.10. After adding sound-absorbing materials, the average sound absorption coefficient in the computer room is about α2≈0.75~0.85. The sound absorption can reach 9~12dB(A), and the reverberation time can be reduced to 2~3s . The loudness in the computer room is also greatly reduced, which greatly improves the working conditions and improves the sound insulation performance of the computer room.
5. Sound insulation system. In order to ensure the good sound insulation performance of the computer room, a fireproof sound insulation door is installed at the connection between the computer room and the outside of the computer room, and the sealing material of the door seam is a rubber sealing strip. Other holes that can cause sound leakage are sealed with brick walls.
Only by controlling the noise of the unit within a certain range can it not interfere with people’s normal life and work.


Post time: Aug-08-2022