Working principle of diesel generator set

Diesel generator set concept derived from the basic concept:

1. Magnetic field.

We can understand the magnetic field from the magnetic force, the building owner should know that when a piece of iron is a certain distance from the magnet, the magnet has attracted the iron, but they did not contact.

So we need the concept of a magnetic field, that there is a magnetic field around a magnet, and all the iron in the magnetic field will be affected by the magnetic force.

In theory, the magnetic field of any magnet can extend infinitely, but in practice, the magnetic field is too small to be detected by humans over very short distances.

2, electric field Electric field and magnetic field are similar, the difference is that the object of action is different.

The magnetic field exerts a magnetic force on the iron in it, and the electric field exerts a gravitational or repulsive force on the electric charge in it.

3, the electric charge moving in the electric field is the current, such as countless electrons moving along a copper wire, we define the existence of a current in the opposite direction of the charge movement (because the electron has a negative charge, but we can directly ignore all the difference between positive and negative signs here, two opposite things, define one is positive, the other is negative, There is no essential difference).


Of course, the design of diesel generator set is another matter, the basic principle is to fix the permanent magnet or metal, let the metal or permanent magnet keep moving, the movement is relative, so that the piece of metal that keeps moving in the magnetic field will continue to generate electricity.

As can be seen from the above, in the process of power generation, the part that consumes energy is the movement of the piece of metal in the magnetic field.

Post time: Jul-10-2024