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Beidou power diesel generator set has the characteristics of reliable operation, beautiful appearance, compact structure.

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Silent type Yuchai generator produced by Beidou Power Factory is in high quality, favorable price, sufficient power, stable voltage. Yuchai engine is an internationally well-known brand with advanced technology and strong power, and is well received at home and abroad.The silent canopy is a patented product designed by Beidou, holding a national patent certificate, with reasonable design and low noise.

Product Description

Yuchai power generator sets are designed and produced by Beidou power generator equipment company with the engine from Yuchai. 

Supply electricity range 10KW-2200KW, 15KVA -3000KVA, which can meet different power need of users and clients. Silent type is more prefered bacuse of its small noise ,good apperance and easy installation. 

Different Types of Diesel Generator Canopy (Yuchai)

If generator power is bellow 600KW 800KVA: standard silent canopy

If generator power is above 600KW 800KVA: container type silent canopy.

Of course, if you have special requirent, we can design and poduce according to your demands. For example, small size of container look generator is also popular .

Advantage of Yuchai engine

动力强 高质量

Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1951. It is the first Sino-foreign joint venture listed overseas in the domestic industry. It is the chairman unit of the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association. Its products are exported to more than 180 countries and regions in Asia, Europe and Africa. Yuchai has established three R&D bases in Yulin, Nanning and Europe. It has a national-level enterprise technology center, a national internal combustion engine engineering laboratory, a nationally accredited laboratory, a post-doctoral research station, academician expert enterprise workstations, etc., and more than 40 domestic and foreign scientific research Institutions cooperate to establish a joint development center, creating an international cutting-edge scientific research base.

Advantage of Beidou Silent Canopy 
The silent box is a patented product designed by Beidou, holding a national patent certificate, with reasonable design and low noise. The noise at 7m is less than 68 decibels, and users can talk normally next to the generator without being affected by noise. It can be directly placed outdoors for rain, sand and dust, etc. The well-designed air intake and exhaust system protects the unit from rain and sand and dust without affecting the generator's air intake and exhaust.

Control Panel
The control panel adopts a design integrated with the silent box body, and the Yuchai diesel generator can be easily controlled without opening the box operation door.
Fuel Tank

Beidou design a fuel tank at the bottom of the silent canopy, which can provide fuel for the diesel generator for 8-12 hours continuous operation. There is a lock for fuel inlet.

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