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Mature power, stable reliability: adapt to harsh working conditions, high strength, strong ability to work under heavy loads

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Beidou is an OEM authorized manufacturer supporting Shanghai generator set. Our Shanghai diesel power generator has excellent technology, compact structure, beautiful appearance, good economic performance and long service life. It has been favored by customers for a long time. Shanghai diesel power generator is China's first-line brand, even abroad, the brand and reputation are also excellent, and there is no need to worry about after-sales.


Silent Type Shangchai Diesel Generator

The Shanghai diesel power generator set produced by Beidou is equipped with a silent canopy, which can effectively block noise. Our generator sets are of high quality and the technology of the silent canopy is more sophisticated. Compared with other manufacturers, our silent canopy is one of the best quality, many manufacturers make the quality of the silent canopy is often not up to standard, and the difference can be clearly seen from the thickness of the steel plate and the noise reduction ability. We welcome anyone to visit our factory, our quality and craftsmanship will impress you!

Product Parameter

Shanghai diesel power generator have wide power scope. Please see bellow details. If any doubt of how many power output generator you need, please contact us to get advice from engineer.

kw kva
BD-S50 50 62.5 2400*1100*1600 1950 105*124 17.3
BD-S75 75 93.75 3000*1180*1750 2390 105*124 17.3
BD-S100 100 125 3000*1180*1750 2675 105*124 16
BD-S120 120 150 3200*1250*1850 2880 105*124 16
BD-S150 150 187.5 3200*1250*1850 3080 105*124 16
BD-S180 180 225 3200*1250*1850 3363 114*144 18
BD-S200 200 250 3400*1250*1950 3370 135*150 16.5
BD-S250 250 312.5 3800*1400*2100 3715 135*150 15.55
BD-S300 300 375 4000*1500*2200 4790 128*153 17
BD-S320 320 400 4000*1500*2200 5070 135*165 15.55
BD-S400 400 500 4200*1600*2250 5305 135*150 16
BD-S450 450 562.5 4200*1600*2250 5635 135*155 16
BD-S500 500 625 4500*2100*2400 6350 135*155 16
BD-S600 600 750 4900*2250*2450 7000 180*215 15
BD-S700 700 875 6000*2400*2900 8700 180*215 15
BD-S800 800 1000 6000*2400*2900 8700 180*215 15
Can be customized according to user requirements.


Technology of Silent Canopy

The sound insulation canopy is designed as a three-layer vibration isolation structure, two internal and external sound insulation doors. soundproof canopy shell (inner) use 2 mm thick high quality cold rolled plate electrolysis and multilayer composite flame retardant insulation material, appearance using electrostatic spraying, stamping, welding, pickling, spray coating produced, soundproof canopy door sealing pads, equipped with product testing in the cable interface, etc..

In order to make the Shangchai silent box diesel generator set more convenient to use and have a better noise reduction effect, Beidou engineers designed the control system on the outside of the box, equipped with a transparent observation window and a safety lock. The control module is a self-starting computer module, which can automatically start the generator when the power fails, and the start delay time is 3-5 seconds, which basically guarantees uninterrupted power. At the same time, it has the self-protection function of the generator set, which can automatically stop the machine in case of overvoltage, overload or high temperature to protect important parts of the generator set from damage.


Shanghai diesel power generators are widely used, and can be used for municipal engineering, housing construction, factory backup, hospital and school backup, etc. Its stability and power are popular among users. Shanghai diesel power generators have after-sales points all over the world. Their spare parts are easy to purchase and easy to maintain. If you have the intention to purchase, will give you the most satisfactory purchase plan.

Beidou produces Shangchai Co., Ltd. power silent diesel generator sets, which have ISO quality certificates and meet international quality standards. At the same time, it has two patents for silent box and generator set, with excellent performance and reliable quality.


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