ATS Automatic Diesel Generator

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Beidou automatic diesel  generator is equipped with ATS sutomatic transfer switch, which can strat the generator,  stop the generator and change the electric supply from city power and generator.

Generator Model:


Generator Type:

Silent / Trailer / Container

Output Power:

3-3000 KW  KVA

Engine Brand:


Engine Model:


Alternator Model:


Alternator Type:

100% Copper& Brushless

Controller Model:

Smagtgen 6110


2200*1300*1200 MM



Procution Time

3-7 Working Days

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Beidou Power Diesel Generator Set

Automatic Generator Features

Generator  automatic input: In the event of a mains power failure, the control cabinet will issue instructions to initiate the generator set.

Automatic power supply switching: Following a mains power failure and stable operation of the generator set, the control cabinet will automatically switch to unit power supply mode. Once the mains is restored and stabilized, the control cabinet will automatically switch back to mains supply mode.

Automatic shutdown of the unit: Upon restoration and stabilization of the mains, the control cabinet will automatically revert to "mains closing" mode, and after a designated shutdown and cooling period, the unit will stop automatically.



Model: 6BTAA5.9-G2 Brand: Yangdong Type: Four stroke and mid-cooling
Number of cylinders: 4/in line Bore (mm)*Stroke: 110*118 mm Exhaust Capacity (L): 4.4
Compression ratio: 18:1 Speed control mode: Electronic control    


Model: BDI144A Brand: Beidou Power Rated AC Voltage (V) 230/400
Excitation way: Brushless, self-excitation,AVR Rated frequency: 50Hz Rated speed (r/min): 1500
Power factor: 0.8(lag) Insulation level: H Degree of protection: IP22
Winding pitch 2/3-(N°6) Short-circuit current capacity:300% 10s Telephone interference: THF<2%, TIF<50
Silent type

Silent Type

Container type

Container Type

Trailer Type

Trailer Type





Controller Diesel Generator Set
Yangdong Diesel Generator Set

Advantages of Perkins Diesel Generator Sets in Different Series:

1. The 400, 1100, 1300, 2000, and 2800 series engines are equipped with advanced fuel systems, providing maximum power output and excellent fuel efficiency.

2. Perkins engines are made of high-quality materials and advanced technologies, ensuring stable performance, reliability, and long service life.

3. Perkins diesel engines adopt two different designs and technologies from Asia and Europe, providing users with the latest technology and advanced performance.

4. Among different brands of diesel generator sets, Perkins diesel engines are well-known for their high-quality performance and stability.

5. Different series of diesel generator sets can provide suitable output capacity and performance parameters according to user requirements, meeting the needs of different users.

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