Technical points to know about 5 diesel generators?

Technical points to understand for 5 diesel generators 1. The use of oil filter: oil, friction caused by particles, parts of dirty debris, high temperature produced by early oxidation metamorphic particles mixed together. These particles are mixed with nails, sand, colloids, etc., can reduce the friction in the oil side effects, damage, burning tile, etc., diesel engine must use oil filter oil refinery, oil filter mainly using paper filter filter paper filter oil impurities. Certain filters can divide 0.040mm particles into 100%, 0.030-0.040mm particles into 99%, particles below 0.030mm if the concentration is too large, may spoil the oil of the coarse filter and precision filter. Can filter more than 0.010 mm particles 100%, 0.005 mm above. If the oil filter with low quality is blocked or the resistance rises in the process of use, the refueling pressure drops, the refueling pressure drops, and the main bearing flow is insufficient, which may lead to serious consequences 2. Diesel filters mainly filter into these dust and impurities can damage fuel pumps and fuel injectors and other components, so users should use standard diesel filters). 3 core: Coolant because of sediment, dust, oil and scale, treated iron corrosion precipitates, precipitate protectants and metamorphic gasket chips, need to be filtered. The mess was piled up on the engine. Especially after storage for a period of time, metal chips of scale like sand will cause wear of pump impeller and shaft, also cause cylinder liner seal damage, pump end seal and temperature regulator wear, these particles and metal chips, seal fragments, temperature regulator can no longer be opened and closed, must use standard water filter, regular replacement. 4. Air filter: in Cummins diesel engine (generator) on the use of ordinary light short dry air filter, standard filter after special treatment of filter paper, replacement, efficiency of 99.5%. Fresh air comes from around the air filter into the air filter, and the air needed to burn a diesel engine also depends on the air filter. If the air filter is used for a certain amount of time, the filter will become dirty and the resistance will increase. When resistance increases above the prescribed level, the diesel engine cannot get enough air to burn, and smoke and insufficient power may occur. An air resistance indicator mounted on the air intake indicates whether the air resistance is normal. If the resistance exceeds the specified value, the indicator changes from normal green to abnormal red, then click the end of the indicator to green. 5. Oil: The use of high quality oil, suitable oil change and oil filter change cycle, is an important factor to extend the life of diesel engine.


Post time: Jun-05-2023