250KVA 200KW Perkins Generator

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The electronically controlled VP pump controls the fuel injection volume, with low fuel consumption, good power, and fast transient response.

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The P series Perkins diesel generator set produced by Yangzhou Beidou Power adopts original imported diesel engines produced by Caterpillar in the United States and Rolls-Royce in the United Kingdom. This type of engine uses rigorous processes and technical support to ensure excellent quality , Before leaving the factory, it has been tested by advanced computers, and its technology and quality have reached foreign production standards. Perkins diesel generator sets have the characteristics of low fuel consumption, stable performance, convenient maintenance, low operating costs, and low emissions.

Perkins Engine Advantages

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Full of global reputation and mature technology

Perkins is an internationally renowned non-road diesel engine manufacturer. Since its establishment 85 years ago, more than 20 million engines have been produced so far, many of which are still in operation.

-Durable power source

The design and production process of Perkins diesel engines have been improved in many ways to further enhance the reliability and durability of the engine. Equipped with an advanced governor and passed a number of newly designed compliance tests to ensure that the engine can run for up to 6000 hours without failure. The extended warranty period highlights Perkins' confidence in product reliability and durability.

-Low operating cost

It has been certified to make biodiesel with a concentration of up to 20%. The standard interval for oil and filter replacement is set to 500 hours (depending on the load factor). The advantages of high durability and high reliability, warranty period and easy installation procedures are combined, Greatly reduce the cost of ownership of the engine.

Professional product support

Each Perkins engine is guaranteed to be available for original equipment (OE) specification parts and maintenance services throughout its service life. No matter where your power equipment is running in the world, Perkins can guarantee 100% that you only need to pay a reasonable cost to get the best quality.

250KVA 200KW Perkins powered generator is in high realiablity. Perkins engine privides long lasting power and also economical and fuel efficient with its advanced technology. 

The features of small size, light weight, strong power, energy saving, environmental protection, high reliability and easy maintenance can meet the needs of different customers.

Beidou Power Perkins diesel generator sets use original Perkins engines, with complete product series, wide power coverage, excellent stability, reliability, durability and service life, and can provide you with low operating costs and speed The "return" cycle is widely used in communications, industry, outdoor engineering, mining, anti-risk, military and other fields.

Product Parameter

We have several kinds of power for you to choose. Please see what products we have. I believe there will always one for you.

kw kva
Perkins engine model: 1506A-E88TAG4
BD-P200 200 250 287*90*169 1895 166.6*135.9 16.9:1

Product Advantage

1)High configuration makes the generator run stable and long.
2)Small size, easier to install than similar diesel engines.
3)Low noise, low fuel consumption.
4)Our warranty period is one year or 1000 hours (first come first served).

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