750KVA 600KW Perkins Generator

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Beidou power diesel generator set is easy to maintain, excellent performance index, low fuel consumption, and strong environmental adaptability.

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Perkins is a well-known brand at home and abroad, with leading technology and strength guarantee. Beidou focuses on the production and sales of generator sets. Perkins diesel generator 600 KW has sufficient power, strong power, long service life and global warranty. Beidou focuses on the generator set industry and has professional generator set production technology, including open-frame generator sets, silent generator sets, trailer generator sets, rainproof generator sets, container generator sets, parallel generator sets, emergency power vehicles and other product categories. Here Perkins diesel generator 600 KW is an open type generator set. If you have other needs, please contact our sales manager and we will give you the best advice.

Advantages of Perkins Diesel Generator 600 KW --Beidou Power

Technology manufacturing, reliable and durable, ultra-long warranty, to create more economic value for you at a lower cost.

The core components of the unit are preferably well-known brands at home and abroad, which are highly efficient and durable, reduce maintenance costs and improve power supply efficiency.

Optional services are provided from the engine to the generator, customized to meet your needs.

Patented preheating technology: reduce the difficulty of starting the equipment in low temperature environment, ensure the equipment starts normally and smoothly, and prevent the frequent start of low temperature from damaging the durability of the body.

Turbocharging technology: VGT turbocharging system optimizes low-speed operation, improves fuel efficiency, and increases engine output.

Three-stage fuel filter technology: The three-stage fuel filter ensures a balanced level of particulate dispersion, protects the main components of the fuel system, and maximizes the life of the engine.

 动力强劲稳定 帕金斯产品展示

Stable Performance and Wide Application

1. The performance of the generator is stable and reliable, and the three high environment has strong adaptability. Reliable and durable work. Because there is no ignition system, the fault is low;

2. The generator is wear-resistant and durable, compact in structure, small in occupied space and easy to operate;

3. Wide range of use, simple maintenance operation, only a small number of staff, easy maintenance during standby.

Control Panel

Using high-quality monitoring instruments, four-fold protection control system, intelligent detection of coolant temperature, oil pressure, current voltage, when the data is abnormal, automatically alarm and stop working;

Large Capacity Steel Base:

Sturdy and durable, sandblasted and rust-proof. The high-strength bending base reduces the vibration of the fuselage, and is equipped with double screws to fix the high-end shock-absorbing feet to further reduce vibration, optimize operating conditions, and extend the life of the unit.

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