Two ways of diesel engine maintenance and maintenance?

In order to maintain the normal operation of the diesel engine and extend its service life, in addition to correct operation, it is necessary to regularly carry out systematic, careful inspection, adjustment and cleaning, prevent various failures of early wear, and give full play to the working efficiency and economic performance of the diesel engine. Therefore, the diesel engine has a strict maintenance system, and the maintenance work should be carefully done.
Diesel engine structure and the use of environmental conditions are different, maintenance requirements and methods are also different, should be in accordance with the requirements of the manual and the specific working environment, to develop a practical maintenance and maintenance system. The following takes several small diesel engines as an example to introduce its maintenance cycle and content.
1. Air-cooled diesel engine maintenance
(1) Maintenance per shift (8 to 10 hours per work). Observe any abnormal phenomena in operation before stopping; Check whether the oil in the fuel tank and oil pan is sufficient, if insufficient, the specified brand of diesel and oil should be added in time; Clean the outside of the diesel engine, eliminate oil leakage and air leakage in time; Check the fastening of the connections and joints, if loose, it should be locked in time: when used in dusty areas, check whether the air filter and cooling duct are blocked, and clean it if necessary; Remove the valve chamber cover. Fill the oil hole of the valve rocker arm with appropriate amount of oil.
(2) No. 1 maintenance (every 50 hours). Complete all maintenance projects of each shift; Air filters using foam filter or paper filter should be checked and cleaned, and replaced if necessary; Check the oil line for oil leakage and lock the joints.
(3) No. 2 maintenance (every 100 hours). Complete all items of No. 1 maintenance; Clean crankcase and gear room with diesel oil, depending on oil quality, replace oil if necessary; Clean the fuel tank filter and diesel filter, and replace the diesel filter if necessary; Check and adjust the valve clearance; Replace the oil in the oil bath air filter, disassemble the filter element assembly, and clean the copper wire filter screen; Check the fastening of cylinder head nut, injection pump fastening nut, injection pump outlet valve tight seat, connecting rod nut, flywheel nut, etc., and re-lock if necessary.
(4) No. 3 maintenance (500 hours per operation). Complete all items of No.2 maintenance; Clean the fuel tank and its valves; Remove carbon deposits in exhaust pipes and mufflers; Clean the lubricating oil holes on the oil dump pan and crankshaft connecting rod journal; Check the tightness of the valve and grind the valve if necessary; Clean the injector and check the atomization of the injector; Remove carbon deposits on piston, piston ring, cylinder head and cylinder liner; Check the opening clearance of the piston ring and replace the piston ring if necessary.
(5) No. 4 maintenance (1000 ~ 1500 hours per work). Overall decomposition, clean the parts, check the wear of the parts, repair or replace if necessary, and then install as required.
2. Water cooled diesel engine maintenance
(1) Maintenance per shift (10 hours per shift). Check the connecting parts and tighten if necessary; Clean the soil, dust and oil on the surface of the diesel engine, eliminate oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage; Check the stock of fuel oil, lubricating oil and cooling water, and add according to the specified grade when insufficient.
(2) No. 1 maintenance (per 100 hours >. Complete all the maintenance of each shift: clean the air filter and change the oil. If the working environment is dusty, this should be carried out in advance; Cleaning oil filter, fuel tank refueling filter, paper fuel oil filter; Check the working condition of valve clearance and ratio reduction mechanism, and adjust it if necessary; Replace crankcase oil if necessary.
(3) No. 2 maintenance (500 hours per job). Complete all items of No. 1 maintenance; Clean the fuel tank; Remove carbon deposits on the valve and grind the valve; Remove the carbon deposits of the cylinder head, cylinder and piston connecting rod, clean them with diesel oil, and replace the parts with excessive wear if necessary; Remove the crankshaft oil plug, clean the connecting rod journal oil chamber and crankshaft oil passage; Check the injection pressure and atomization of the injector, and adjust it if necessary; Clean the cooling system.


Post time: Jul-21-2023