Seven troubleshooting directions for diesel generator set working temperature too high?

When the temperature of the diesel generator set is too high, there is a problem with the equipment. Everyone has already obtained approval on this issue. How to carry out a purposeful inventory when understanding the common faults of the equipment? Check out our little tips.
1. Diesel generator sets use hard water for a long time, and a lot of scale is generated in the water storage tank and waterway, resulting in poor heat dissipation.
2. There are too many impurities in the water channel of the body and the cylinder head, which makes the water circulation not smooth, resulting in poor heat dissipation.
3. Burning engine oil severely, resulting in excessive carbon deposits and poor heat dissipation.
4. Misuse in actual operation. When starting the diesel engine, you should use the small and medium throttle to warm up for a certain period of time. Do not suddenly increase the throttle and increase the load, otherwise the diesel engine will run rough and the temperature will increase sharply. Or the diesel engine is overloaded for a long time, and the temperature of the diesel engine will be too high.
5. The diesel engine temperature is too high due to the too late fuel supply time.
6. Immediately after maintenance, put it into full-load work, which will cause the temperature of the moving parts to be too high, or be stuck due to too small fitting clearance.
7. The cooling water is not enough, which causes the temperature of the diesel engine to be too high.


Post time: Jun-24-2022