Will the diesel generator set filter be changed too quickly?

Customers who often use diesel generator sets will find a problem – the oil filter of diesel engine is shorter than that of gasoline engine, and the replacement frequency is higher, mainly because of the higher quality requirements of high-precision components of diesel supply system.
The compression ratio of the diesel generator set engine is higher than that of the gasoline engine, the working environment is worse than that of the gasoline engine, the load on the crankshaft connecting rod mechanism is much larger than that of the gasoline engine, and most diesel engines have more oil filters than gasoline engines.
There are two types of oil filters for diesel generator sets:
1 The oil filter of the oil pan is mainly used to remove all kinds of grease (damaged parts) in the oil;
2. The paper filter of the fuselage is used to filter tiny items in the oil (such as iron surfaces caused by machine grinding greasy, and paper or hair from cleaning products that fall into it during maintenance).
At present, the quality of my country’s refined oil needs to be further improved. Therefore, our diesel vehicles use two-stage dedicated high-efficiency fuel filters, namely a primary filter and a secondary filter. Diesel engines have more filter elements than gasoline engines, which can better clean the oil and ensure the normal operation of the diesel engine.


Post time: May-23-2022