What are the problems that should be paid attention to during the use of diesel engine?

(1) Problems that should be paid attention to when starting
Small diesel engine start properly save time and labor, reduce machine wear; Otherwise, it will delay time and affect the work. The following problems must be paid attention to when starting:
(1) Pre-lubrication before starting. When the engine is turned off, most of the lubricating oil in the lubricating oil channel and the surface of the friction parts flow back to the bottom shell, in order to reduce sports wear, the throttle handle should be in the closed position before starting, shake the crankshaft several times, and then start.
(2) can not start before adding water. In winter, after the car is finished, the cooling water is generally put out. When starting the next day, some machine operators start and then add water in order to start. This approach is harmful. Because when the engine starts, the temperature of the four rooms in the combustion chamber is as high as 1700-2000℃, if the cooling water is added immediately at this time, it is easy to cause cracking of cylinder head, body, water tank and other parts.
(3) The engine should be preheated in winter. Winter oil is viscous, easy to cause difficulty in starting, before starting should be added in the water tank about 80 degrees of hot water, so that not only easy to start, and can extend the service life of the engine.
(4) Correct control of the throttle. When the general temperature is below 15℃ to start the engine, it is appropriate to control the throttle slightly higher than idle speed; When the temperature is above 15℃, do not start the oil door, idling crankshaft after a few laps, and then add a small throttle to start. If the large throttle is used to start, several starts are not successful, you must immediately turn off the throttle and start the engine, see no black smoke from the exhaust pipe, then add a small throttle. In addition, after the big throttle starts, it should be fully preheated in the small and medium throttle, especially in winter, generally need 5-8 minutes, when the water temperature rises to 40℃ and then start, when the water temperature reaches 60℃, it can be put into work.
(2) Problems that should be paid attention to when extinguishing
It is strictly prohibited to activate the throttle before extinguishing. Throttle engine speed fluctuated, fuel and air mixed uneven. Incomplete combustion, increased fuel consumption, will make cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, inlet and exhaust valve and nozzle and other places of carbon increase, but also easy to cause connecting rod deformation, crankshaft fracture and other accidents. In addition, the throttle is easy to damage the cylinder pad, crankshaft oil seal and break the valve spring. You can’t turn off the engine immediately during winter parking. In winter, the ambient temperature is low, and the body temperature is generally about 90℃. In the case of large temperature difference, if the fire is turned off immediately and the water is released, it is easy to crack the body, cylinder head, water tank and other parts. The correct way is to idle in the small throttle position for 5-10 minutes, when the body temperature drops to 50-70℃, then turn off the fire and release water.


Post time: Mar-01-2023